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Gold Cup Pups is a premium dog breeder specializing in Miniature Australian Shepherds, Mini Schnauzzers, and Mini Schnauzzies. Located in Manvel, Texas we are dedicated to providing high quality dogs matched with excellence in customer service and integrity.

Miniature Australian Shepherds make amazing companion dogs! They are smart, loyal, and above all great with children. The Gold Cup Pup breeding foundation was based on Tim and Johnna’s very first pair of Miniature Australian Shepherd females: “Janet” and  “Tammy”. These are great kid dogs. We have bred/raised standard Australian Shepherds, Labs, Blue Heelers, Schnauzers, and English Bulldogs throughout our lives but we have always gone back to the Australian Shepherds and Schnauzers. These dogs are not only a man’s best friend but a very important member to of our family as well. We are certain that these same dogs can become a part of yours as well.

Johnna especially loves Miniature Schnauzers! Tim gave Johnna a Miniature Schnauzer years ago to be her traveling companion on the trips to and from College Station while she was at Texas A&M. “Jamie was a fabulous friend,” says Johnna. Tim and Johnna’s two young daughters love to haul the Miniature Schnauzer around and the dogs seem to love it as well. These dogs are absolutely wonderful with children and are very tolerant of riding in baby carriages, pink shopping carts, and playing house! Another added bonus is that this breed sheds little to no hair and is a good dog for allergy sufferers.

Miniature Schnauzzies connect the best of both worlds! These dogs possess all of the loyalty, smarts, and beauty of Miniature Australian Shepherds and the fun loving, spunky personality, and cutes of the Miniature Schnauzer. The fundamental idea of hybrid-vigor is the benefit of this breed..this breed was created by crossing two breeds with positive attributes with the intent to create a dog that is a unique cross of both worlds. We pride ourselves on careful and planned breeding’s when breeding any of our pets. As responsible breeders we want to improve the breed and progress forward not backward with health and conformation issues.

We do offer select stud services for approved bitches. If you are interested in breeding to one of our stud dogs please contact us. We do not breed all bitches just to collect a stud fee. Again please do not take offense to our opinions, but our goal is to improve the breed… not create as many problems as possible.

We thank you for taking the time to consider Gold Cup Pups for your next four legged family member! Take a look through our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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